The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

Create your own quiz about the UK. Your quiz should be here.

Способы выражения действий в будущем

Listen to the legend and do exercise 3b in student's book

Listen to the poem, learn it by heart

Prince Charles "MY HEART'S IN THE HIGHLANDS" Robert Burns

My heart's in the Highlands

Listen to the recording and write the dictation

Create a leaflet or a presentation about any English or American writer. Put the link here.

There are a great number of music styles, aren't there? Rock, pop, punk,R&B....What is your favourite? What is the least favourite?Let's discuss the topic "Music in my life".

Crosswords on the topic

Unusual British Festivals


Make a leaflet about school clubs in your school. Use Smore. Leave the results in the table.

Watch the video and report about Oxford University

The link of your own quiz should be here

Do the quiz

What do you know about Great Britain?Answer the questions.

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